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We are not your typical rental or leasing company—we understand your needs at a whole different level.

Lower your costs and give yourself more flexibility with GruMac vehicles and equipment. It couldn’t be simpler, too. We order the vehicles and equipment to your specifications, add any branding you require, then deliver them to you.


Industry Served

Going green?

Are you looking for hybrid and electric vehicle solutions? We can help you go green. Ask us about our hybrid and electric options.

What differentiates us from all the others?

Custom equipment sharing solutions

We are working with municipalities on custom equipment sharing solutions ​

Variety of equipment

We are working with industrial organizations and trades firms on equipment ranging from trucks to specialized equipment.

Cost certainty

One price per month that is it—no surprises.


We’ll tailor the terms to meet your needs. We provide more flexibility than any other firm we know of.


We can include maintenance or exclude it. It is up to you.

Custom equipment

We love it! What do you need? Arborist lift? Tractor?

Hybrids & EVs

We want to help you electrify your fleet!

Mowers, vehicles, generator replacements

We can make your operation more sustainable.

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Pickup truck F150


Trucks and cars, including gas-saving hybrids & electric vehicles


Specialty equipment

Snowplows, lifts, EV generators, EV storage & other specialty equipment



Backhoes, tractors & other heavy machinery


Times are difficult and capital is tight, so your council doesn’t want to increase taxes to pay for large capital purchases. It’s also difficult to justify equipment purchases for equipment used only seasonally or for short periods of time; for example, a 70-foot arborist lift is required only occasionally. 


Industrial & Trades

Our goal is to help you grow faster. Our flexible work truck fleet rental and leasing solutions provide you with cost certainty, better asset utilization, no maintenance headaches and customized outfitting. Our solutions are built for project-based or long-term usage needs.

Ask us about equipment sharing!

GruMac can work with you and neighbouring municipalities to establish an equipment-sharing solution that provides a win for you and for them.


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